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Confluence Python Library

This is a simple wrapper around the REST API which the Confluence provides. Consider the API to be stable as of v1.0.0 (now released)

c.f. for a list of endpoints and whether this library supports them yet. Please do send pull requests if you want an endpoint that isn’t covered!


pip install confluence-rest-library


from confluence.client import Confluence
with Confluence('https://site:8080/confluence', ('user', 'pass')) as c:
    pages ='ID=1')

Development and Deployment

See the Contribution guidelines for this project for details on how to make changes to this library.

Testing Locally

There are two sets of tests included. A suite of unit tests that verify the models can be built correctly and a suite of integration tests that run against a local instance of confluence. The unit tests can be run by simply invoking: .. code:

python test --addopts "tests"

The integration tests are more complex and require the developer to take the following steps:

  • Install the Atlassian SDK
  • Run atlas-run-standalone --product confluence --version 6.6.0 --server localhost
  • Wait for the server to complete starting up
  • Run integration tests using python test --addopts "integration_tests"