confluence.models package


confluence.models.auditrecord module

class confluence.models.auditrecord.AffectedObject(json)

Represents the affected object of an audit record as described here:

class confluence.models.auditrecord.AuditRecord(json)

Represents a single audit record from Confluence as described here:

class confluence.models.auditrecord.ChangedValue(json)

Represents the change in value of an object in an audit record. c.f.

confluence.models.content module

confluence.models.contentbody module

class confluence.models.contentbody.ContentBody(json)

Represents the body of a content(blog|page|comment|attachment) in confluence.

This has several different representations which may be present or not.

confluence.models.contenthistory module

class confluence.models.contenthistory.ContentHistory(json)

Represents the history of a piece of content(blog|page|comment|attachment) in confluence. module


Represents a group object in confluence.

confluence.models.icon module

class confluence.models.icon.Icon(json)

Represents a single user or space icon in confluence.

confluence.models.label module

class confluence.models.label.Label(json)

Represents a label on a piece of confluence content. c.f.

confluence.models.longtask module

class confluence.models.longtask.LongTask(json)

Represents a single long running task in confluence (e.g. PDF space export)

class confluence.models.longtask.TaskMessage(json)

Represents a message about a long running task.

class confluence.models.longtask.TaskName(json)

Represents the name of a long running task. module

confluence.models.user module

class confluence.models.user.User(json)

Represents a single user object in confluence either as attached to a page or as requested directly over the API.

Note that all fields here are optional as the user attached to pages might not contain standard fields (e.g. when it’s anonymous)

confluence.models.version module

class confluence.models.version.Version(json)

Represents a version of an object in Confluence.

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