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Confluence Python Library

This is a simple wrapper around the REST API which the Confluence provides.

Note that the library is undergoing major work so don’t expect the API to be stable until this notice is removed!

c.f. for a list of endpoints and whether this library supports them yet. Please do send pull requests if you want an endpoint that isn’t covered!


pip install confluence-rest-library


from confluence.client import Confluence
with Confluence('https://site:8080/confluence', ('user', 'pass')) as c:
    pages ='ID=1')

Development and Deployment

See the Contribution guidelines for this project for details on how to make changes to this library.

Testing Locally

There are two sets of tests included. A suite of unit tests that verify the models can be built correctly and a suite of integration tests that run against a local instance of confluence. The unit tests can be run by simply invoking: .. code:

python test --addopts "tests"

The integration tests are more complex and require the developer to take the following steps:

  • Install the Atlassian SDK
  • Run atlas-run-standalone --product confluence --version 6.6.0 --server localhost
  • Wait for the server to complete starting up
  • Run integration tests using python test --addopts "integration_tests"